Boat and equipment

We use a professional Rupert RIB to our boat trips, events, guy to guy trips and expeditions. Rupert boats used by the army, police, customs and rescue services. The boats are extremely secure and good even in rough seas and designed to withstand extreme conditions.

To ensure passenger comfort then there are 12 jockey seats where you sit / stand and can hold on.

Some technical specifications on our Rupert 32 Charter RIB

  • 32 feet long
  • 2 x 320Hk Mercruiser 4.2 liter diesel engines.
  • We cruiser usually at 30 – 40knop depending on speed limits. Max speed approximately 50knop.
  • Heavy hulls (3.2 tons) with a lot of V shape – which can withstand more waves than you would be comfortable to go on tour with your private boat ..
  • All the passengers sitting behind the console – and skipper sitting at the front where the greatest loads are – this ensures the most comfortable ride
  • 7 separate air chambers in the pontoons makes the boat very stable (all passengers can stand on the same side), and the boat can hardly sink.
  • Sailor 6215 VHF with Peltor headset (with earphones and throat microphone) and spare battery – designed for use under extreme conditions in the North Sea and of defense.
  • Simrad NSO EVO2 karplotter with 16 «screen, 3G Broadband Radar and WIFI.
  • A RIB (from engelskrigid-inflatable boat, «rigid-inflatable boat») is a boat with solid, shaped hull and flexible, inflatable hoses along the railing. Type of is very stable and seaworthy because the inflatable tube allows the boat does not lose buoyancy even though large amounts of water flushed aboard.

If you need RIB trip with more than 12 people, so we can ask with more boats from our partners.