RIB charter, boat trips and events in the outer Oslofjord and Vestfold archipelago

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If the sea is flat or upset nature is a fascinating place to seek recreation. RIB safari is a wonderful and unique way to experience the archipelago in outer Oslofjord, Vestfold, Østfold, Færder national park and Outer Hvaler National Park.

We arrange RIB boat trips from lighthouse to lighthouse, guiding, safari, seal safari, night sailing and sightseeing in the archipelago. Experiences on flat water or in stormy seas (heavy weather powerboating), events in both short and long stages in the outer Oslofjord, based on Vallø in Tønsberg in Vestfold.

We are happy to tailor solutions for you and love longer RIB expeditions. RIB charter is perfect for team-building, company kick-off, company gathering, company gathering, corporate event, customer tours, bachelor parties, birthday blow, celebrations, gift or simply if you love the ocean, waves and swells. We also arrange tours for individuals where one buys an empty seat on a particular trip instead to rent the whole boat.

Our Rupert RIB is very seaworthy
Deep V-bottom, low center of gravity and pontons taking off for the biggest waves allows a RIB drives better in waves than most other types of boats. All passengers are seated on separate jockey seats for maximum comfort and all have on their survival suits for maximum security.

Professional RIBs are boats for those who like to get out into the bay when others search for the closest harbour.
When the waves are big and the spray is in white streaks on the water. Then it RIB weather!

We offer good and safe RIB adventures mixed with culture and guiding without weather permitting.

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