Want to enjoy a RIB ride to Færder lighthouse?

Want to enjoy a RIB ride to Færder lighthouse?

We take you out to Store Færder where the original lighthouse was built in 1697. From the west side of the Store Færder we run the last bit out of Færder lighthouse on Tristein. The lighthouse was completed in 1857 and since then has been one of Norway’s most famous lighthouses. Here it is always gangway while we tell little about Færder fyr`s history.

Lightship is with its location one of the main hallmarks of the shipping industry in the Oslo Fjord. The area around Færder lighthouse can be very harsh, and is characterized by «Norwegian Pilot» as a dangerous place to be when the autumn storms set in.

Fyr til Fyr RIB Event Færder Fyr

Færder Lighthouse is a lighthouse located at the middle of the three islands that make Tristein (also called Lille Færder). Islands belong Tjome Municipality, Vestfold. The lighthouse was cast in iron at Bærums works. It was completed in 1857 and rises 47 meters above sea level. The tower measures 43 meters and is the second highest cast iron tower. The brightness is 3.57 million candela and lysvidden 19 nautical mil.

Tristein was in 2013 part of Færder National Park.

The first Færder lighthouse was built in 1697 on the island Store Færder just north of the current lighthouse. This was a private guy shaped like an open, forged fyrgryte. Gryta stood right on the ground and fyrpasseren refilled with coal and wood all night. At one year, it was burned around 540 barrels of coal. In 1799 took over the public responsibility for fyrdriften, and a tower with a large lantern was finished in 1802. Coal lighthouse was replaced by a lens apparatus and fyrlamper run on petroleum in 1852. A few years later also became a new tower built on the islands further south, where it was finished in 1857. today powered lighthouse of electricity.

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