RIB Tour: Nøtterøy and Tjøme around with færder national park

RIB Tour: Nøtterøy and Tjøme around with færder national park

This is our middle RIB boat day trip, where we will stop or past many pearls in Nøtterøy and Tjøme archipelago in addition to the outer part of færder national park. We talk about what we see on the road. We’ll of course with us many småfyr and familiar places.

The tour goes one way or the other depending on the wind and waves. We put up so we run the most favorable swell when we are offshore to increase comfort for our passengers. It is particularly choppy be we may have to change or shorten the trip to keep the schedule.

Ruta we take gives us then the following gems:

Vallø, Tonsberg, out Vestfjord past Nøtterøy and Brunstad (Oslofjord Convention Center), passing H-island, between Tjøme and Veierland, beyond Hui, between the rocks on the cup, then we take the road towards World Ended at Tjøme and then we also into færder national park, we baste us up close to world’s End and National Centre (Possible with dining and tour surcharge), occasionally Uleholmsundet between Hvasser and Uleholmen, get a fleeting glimpse of Sandøsund before we go offshore directly to Lightship Lighthouse. On Lightship Lighthouse becomes disembarkation and guiding, we often see seals here. We continue towards Store Færder and tells stories from there, and head then right onto Hollenderbåen Lighthouse on the last long offshore move, we put so bow against Fulehuk Lighthouses (Possible with tour surcharge), driving past cormorants seat, and then close and slowly catching up East Bolæren (Possible with dining and tour surcharge), Kongsten Sund, Mellem Bolæren, Jens Sund and Western Bolæren (Possible with dining and tour surcharge), until we are back in the harbor.

This is a medium-long trip that takes about 3 hours (weather dependent) and is about 50 nautical mil long. We take time to one stop of about 30 min at Lightship Lighthouse, besides that we drive slowly and quietly in many parties that we may enjoy the wonderful archipelago.

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