Færder Nationalpark in an hour

This is our shortest RIB boat trip, where we give you an express experience of færder national park for an hour. The tour is especially popular with stag parties.

The tour goes one way or the other depending on the wind and waves. We put up so we run the most favorable swell when we are offshore to increase comfort for our passengers. It is particularly choppy be we may have to change or shorten the trip to keep the schedule.

Ruta Færder National in one hour gives us then the following gems:

We start on Vallø, then bypass hovedinnseilingen Tonsberg at Jarlsø, continue past Fjærholmen, Hvaløy, Bjerrkøy continues on past Cool Holmen, Lindholm, Northern Årøy and Southern Årøy before we bow against Mågerø in Tjøme and shows where the king’s cottage. We continue past Burø and Mostein, Froungen and island of Ildverket (there are 30 knots zone completely hit) before we bow against Fulehuk Lighthouses of a long and beautiful sea moves with action in the waves and free trade. We continue toward Eastern Bolæren, moving slowly through Kongsten Sund, past Mellem Bolæren and slowly through Jens Sund and Western Bolæren before we are back on Vallø.

This is a short hike that takes about 1 hour (weather dependent) and is about 30 nautical mil long.

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