Fulehuk Lighthouse

Fulehuk Lighthouse was built and put into operation in 1821.

– The lighthouse was depopulated in 1979.

– Hollenderbåen took fyrfunksjonen in 1989, and the light on Fulehuk was extinguished.

– Nøtterøy municipality took over the island from the defense in 2004, and the buildings from the Lighthouse Authority’s in 2005.

Association Fulehuk Friends and Foundation Fulehuk Lighthouse was established in 2006 and responsible for the operation of the lighthouse.
It is possible to rent the entire boiler house all year long (about 12 overnight accommodation). Can sit up there lighthouses have been 360 degrees view – fantastic.

10 double sleeping alcoves in the attic of the Boathouse.

16 coastal fairway beds on the first floor of the boathouse.

Fulehuk Lighthouses are we back on all our tours

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