Svenner Lighthouse

For those of you who want a more demanding hike in open waters, we recommend a trip to Svenner guy. Depending on weather conditions, we use about 60 minutes to Svenner. Here are the gangway with refreshments, while we tell little about Svenner fyr`s history.

Svenner lighthouse was listed in 1997 and lighthouse is today a cultural monument of national value. Poor soil and a particularly severe climate gives Svenner a typical signature, botanical diversity. Svenner great importance for migratory small birds in the spring. Large amounts of eider, several colonies of herring gulls and herring gulls, svartbakk and fish gulls nest on Svenner in mai-juni.Vi encourage all visitors to pay attention to vegetation and birdlife. Let the flowers stand and avoid traveling in the bush and the mountains in the period from May to mid-July.

The first lighthouse was opened on 22 October 1874. The lighthouses came from Lista.Meanwhile built one a home for Fyrmesterens and his assistant family – Steihuset. This was built by convicts from Akershus Fortress and stone from Østfold. These had built Torbjørnskjær Lighthouse few years earlier. Today’s lighthouse was constructed in cast iron in 1900.Fyret located on Korpeodden in the archipelago Svenner outside Larvik.Tower height is 18.7 meters and the top is 40.3 meters above sea level. Lysvidde 17.8 nautical mil. The lighthouse is unfortunately closed to the public. The lighthouse with all buildings were protected in 1997 avbemannet and automated in 2002. lighthouses were from the outset lit with oil. In 1961, it mounted a diselgaggregat in separate machinery house on the outside of the lighthouse and the fyrpæren was electric. Today fyrpære is the size of a headlight bulb of a car, but thanks to the prisms bear the light of 17 nautical mil

Golden and sunny skerries – fishing rod in hand and blåhorisont opposite. How can a summer day at the lighthouse experienced. Unger located stomach flat and tails up crabs or go wrasse fishing rod. Barbecue, badingog long sommernetter.Måkeskrik and laughter, snekkelyd and bølgeskvulp.Det beautiful stone house on Svenner lighthouse is currently open forall who wants a special night at fyrodden in ocean-gap. 19 beds in 4, 5 and 6 person rooms. The hosts at the lighthouse welcomes you to a unique experience throughout the school holidays

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