Tvistein Lighthouse


Tvistein Lighthouse is the southernmost coastal lighthouse in Oslo, and the southernmost lighthouse in our RIB trip: «All kystfyr Vestfold». To get there we must also over rakkebåene. Rakkebåene, whether flakes of 1-5 m deep reasons and reefs in Larvik, Vestfold, west of the mouth of Larviksfjord, south of Stavern. Dangerous waters with many shipwrecks. Word denigrate, used on dogs, show that the waters were considered especially difficult.

Tvistein sip on the east by two Småholm about three kilometers south of Hummerbakkfjorden. The name means two rocks, which in this case refers to round, ‘stone-like’ islets. Mountain on Tvistein is of volcanic origin and the island has not rocks.

The lighthouse was built in 1908. The light is seventeen meters above the highest water level and when 13.2 nautical mil. The lighthouse was electrified in 1951, while the new tower and new serviced residence landscaped. It was family-guy to the late 1950s, when it became shifts station. In 1987 the lighthouse was automated and became unmanned.

Fyrhavna on Tvistein is sheltered from the southwest, but not from the North. It can be much swell and sea in the harbor so we rarely come ashore but there is good depth up to the dock.

Disputes Eins Friends have as rationale for these changes to refurbish and enable Tvistein Lighthouse to its original standard as long as possible. We want to open the lighthouse for accommodation and rental as soon as technically feasible. This is in line with other lighthouses in the coastal fairway. Driver group is composed of people from the following organizations: Kystlaget Fredriksvern – Brunlanes Hunting and Fishing Association – Anvik districts.

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